Erica: “He’s not the woooooorst baby sitter I’ve ever had. Out of all of them I’d raaaank him….. Well let’s see… that guy only lasted one night so he didn’t count, and then there was that other lady, SEVENTH! NAH, just kidding, once he stopped being such a grumpy puppy, he turned out to be really cool!” 

Derek: “Asthma attacks are literally the scariest for a little kid. We try our best to keep him calm, if he starts to hyperventilate it’s really bad. So either Stiles or I go run and get his inhaler while the other sits him up right and makes him put his hands behind his head, this opens up the airways, and try and get him to take big deep breaths. Once he gets the inhaler he calms down a lot and it’s easy from there.” 

Lydia: “When I grow up I am gonna be a mathematician slash scientist slash fashionista slash queen of the world.”


Isaac: “You can’t be Thor, he already exists! I’m gonna be my own superhero and people are gonna write comics about me.” 

Boyd: “I’ve kind of always wanted to be a firefighter. Firefighters are so cooooool.”

Scott: “I’m gonna be a famous musician and I’m gonna travel around the world!” 

Allison: “I wanna go be in the Olympics for gymnastics, I want the gold medal.” 

Matt: “I just like to take pictures. Maybe I’ll be a professional photo taker person.”

Jackson: “I don’t care about all of your lame jobs, I’m just gonna be so rich that I don’t have to work!” 

Danny: “But that would get boring!”

Jackson: “Fine, I’ll be a racecar driver, what are you gonna be when you grow up?” 

Danny: “I dunno yet, Older?” 

Derek: “Stiles is infinitely better at cooking than I am. I can do basics, that kid has finesse.”

Stiles: “OH YEAH! We show them all the classics.” 

Derek: “In hindsight, Jaws probably wasn’t that good of an idea…” 

Erica: “Ohmygosh YES. Boydybear is like the best ever. We do everything together. We’ve been married like, ten times already, which is like, eighty billion times more than I’ve been married to anyone else even Derek!” 

Laura: “It all started when I had to go out of state for college, He took over for me. At first he wasn’t very good at all, but eventually he got a hang of it, and now he loves those kids as much as I did.”

Derek: “I dunno, normal college stuff I guess? She goes to Stanford, so she’s probably up to her tail in work.”